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The Challenge

When Innermind became our client their onilne launch date was a month away. With a limited time frame and budget we had to get creative. Below we show our strategy and work that helped fill their 9 month course to capacity.

The Strategy

1. Scholarship Program

To generate awareness and leads, we created a scholarship program aimed at their target audience. This was done via paid ads and an email campaign.


3. Video Content

Videos are more engaging and more memorable than any other type of content. Below is Innerminds scholarship video, we used this as well as a facebook live event.

 2. Email Campaign


Having built a long email list from previous clients prior to creating Innermind, Kairi and Helens email list was a great place to start. We used their email list to educate and inform.

4. Retarget

When we reached a point where there was a good amount of potential customers in the pool, we used re-targeting ads to engage, nurture leads, and generate sales.


The Results

Coming soon!

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